Powder Coating

High Quality Finish                                                   

Economical , Efficient , Environmentally Desirable
No Solvents or Water
Dry Painting Cured by Heat
Efficient , One Coat Application
No Runs or Sags
Generally Tougher and More Durable than Wet Coatings    

What's Available

Custom and Standard Colors
Finishes Available in :
Casts - Sandpaper Type Finish
Solids - Smooth , Uniform Surface
Leatherettes - Different Tones , Pebble Type Finish   
Metallics - Smooth , Metallic Type Finish
Transparents - Clear or Tinted Top Coats
Rivers - Single Color , Pebble Type Finish
Veins - Antiqued Two Tone , Pebble Type Finish
Wrinkles - Semi-Smooth , Wrinkle Type Finish

What's Powder Coated

Reinforcing Steel Bars for Roads , Bridges , etc.
Automotive Parts
Household Appliances
Outdoor & Indoor Furniture
Any Aluminum or Steel Part





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